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The Reality of Consciousness

Both of the two great revolutions in twentieth-century physics - Einstein’s Theories of Relativity and Quantum Theory - revealed that observation played an important role.

They also challenged the assumption that there is a material reality. Previously it was thought that the physical reality existed independent of our observation it. Shroedinger’s wave function and Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle revealed this was not the case.

As a result, several physicists of the time—Einstein, Bohr, Shroedinger, Eddington, Pauli—became interested in the role that mind and consciousness played in the cosmos, but this interest faded over time and few contemporary physicists seek to include consciousness in their model of reality.

Most attempts to understand the world of modern physics still assume that the primary reality is the physical reality of mass-energy-space-time (whatever they might actually be). Consciousness is generally regarded as a product of brain activity, i.e. something emerging from the physical reality.

In this article, I argue that consciousness is a fundamental quality of the cosmos, and that what we call the material world emerges from it.

There is no such thing as consciousness

If we are going to be talking about consciousness, we should first define what we mean. This is not easy, partly because we are using a noun, which makes consciousness a “thing.” In so doing we set foot on the wrong course.

Whenever we add “ness” to a word we turn an adjective into an abstract noun in order to talk about it. The suffix “ness” means “the state or quality of.” Thus happiness is the state of being happy. Being happy exists as an experience, but happiness as an independent thing does not exist.

The same with consciousness. It does not exist as a “thing.” What is true is that I am conscious, as is each and every one of us. It is an essential, ever-present quality of all experience. The noun consciousness simply allows us to talk about the fact in a more generalized way.

In this respect, consciousness needs no definition; it is self-evident. I am aware that I am aware. This simple fact needs no argument, reason, or research. It is beyond doubt.

This distinction is essential to any study of the subject. The use of the noun, consciousness, is symptomatic of the materialist approach which seeks to objectify the world. Consciousness becomes another phenomena to be studied and known. This error is prevalent in most contemporary approaches to understanding the nature of consciousness.

When I use the word “consciousness.” I shall be using it in the sense of the quality of being conscious, the knowing of experience, rather than as some phenomenon to be known.

The faculty and the forms of consciousness

A second important distinction is between the faculty of consciousness—being aware of experience as described above—and what we are aware of—the sensations, perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and other phenomena that arise in our experience. I shall refer to these as the “forms” that appear in consciousness.

These forms are clearly dependent upon brain processes. And I am happy to assume, pending contrary evidence, that for every subjective experience there is a corresponding state in the brain.

It is commonly assumed that this implies that the faculty of consciousness is likewise a consequence of brain activity. This stems from a conflation of two different questions: Does the brain create the forms of which we are aware? And, does the brain create the faculty of consciousness? The so-called “easy” and “hard” questions of consciousness. Later I shall argue that the answer to the second question is “No.”

Representations of reality

Our experience of the world is a representation of reality created by the brain.

Contemporary science has little problem with this statement. In essence, the senses respond to stimuli in their environment, pass that information along to the brain, where it is analyzed and processed, and a model constructed of the world “out there.” This representation of reality then appears in conscious experience as the 3-D, full-color, surround-sound, touchy-feely world that we know.

Yet the full implications of this construction process are seldom explored. We shall see that it leads to a radically different understanding of the true nature of the “world out there,” undermining the assumption of a material reality.

The representation is not the reality

We assume that the representation that we experience is much like the world “out there,” what Kant called the “thing in itself.” But it turns out that the two are totally different.

Take the color green, for example. In the physical world there is light of a particular frequency, but the light itself is not green. Nor are the electrical impulses that travel from the eye to the brain. The green you see is merely the representation that appears in consciousness. There is no green “out there.”

The same is true of our other senses—hearing, smell, taste, touch. The phenomena we experience do not exist in the world out there. They exist only in awareness.

I’m not suggesting that the physical world does not exist, only that it is very different from our experience of it. We mistake the representation for reality.

Matter is not made of matter

The same is true of our concept of matter. Our experience of the world includes that of solid substance. Yet physics has revealed that this is far from true.

More than a century ago it was realized that atoms were largely empty space. The apparent solidity we experience is due to the bonds binding atoms together in molecular structures and the corresponding forces holding molecules together. The strength of these bonds makes it almost impossible for one physical structure to interpenetrate another, which leads to the perception of solidity.

With the advent of quantum theory it was realized that even sub-atomic particles were far from being the solid “particles” we had imagined them to be. They are more like fuzzy clouds of potential existence.

Whatever matter is, it is not made of matter.

Nothing there

In trying to understand physical reality we take concepts derived from our experience—such as waves and particles—and imagine the world “out there” is similar. We believe the representation of reality we experience is like the reality being modeled. But it turns out they are completely different.

The deeper we’ve studied the physical world, the less evidence we’ve found for anything physical. It sometimes seems as if there’s nothing there—or rather, “no thing” there.

The concept of a “thing” as a discrete object is likewise derived from experience.

We have to conclude that physical reality is nothing like we imagine it to be, or could imagine it to be.

A non-homogeneous reality

So is there anything we can say for sure about the physical world?

Yes. It is not homogeneous. That is to say, it is not all the same. The part of the world I call my finger is not the same as the air that surrounds it. One is solid; the other gas. One is opaque; the other transparent.

Looking deeper, the structure of a nerve cell is different from that of a blood cell. At a much finer level, what we call a proton is different from whatever it is that we call an electron. We may not know what the cosmos is made of, but we can say that is highly differentiated, at all levels, from quark to galactic cluster.

A field of information

These variations constitute information. We cannot say what an electron is, for that would again be projecting our experience back on to the world. All we know is various bits of information. There are quantities we call charge, spin, and mass. We don’t know what these actually are—the names are once again projections from experience. But we can measure them—or at least have information about the probabilities of what we might measure.

Perhaps then, all we can say about physical reality is that it is a highly structured field of information.

Mathematics describes the way this field interacts with itself, and its unfolding over time.

There are currently seven or so different interpretations of quantum mechanics, attempting to describe what is going on—the most popular of which is the Copenhagen Convention. And then there is the school that says “Shut up and do the math.” We know the mathematics and it works, whatever interpretation is laid on top of it.

The ultimate description of the cosmos must be purely mathematical, devoid of any interpretation drawn from human experience.

If we ever do meet another intelligent species that has made its own study of the cosmos, their physics might look very different from ours. But once we understood how they formulated their mathematics we would find ourselves in agreement.

Experienced information

Our sense organs respond to changes in this information field. The information is conveyed to the brain where it is processed into a flow of information that is a reflection of the information in the world “out there.” This flow of information in the brain then appears as information in consciousness. These are the forms we experience—the colors, shapes, sounds, smells, textures we are aware of. This is simply how the information is translated into an experiential form—much like how the information in the CPU of a computer is translated into an image on the screen.

The information has been given form in awareness. We could say, it has in-formed experience.

These forms appears to us as the material world. But this material world exists only in our awareness. It is our way of making sense of the information. A virtual reality created by the brain.

Matter, as we know it, is all in the mind.

The “stuff” of which matter is made is not physical stuff, but mind stuff—i.e. consciousness

Integrated information

Why do some information processes in the brain give rise to an experience, while others have little effect? The new approach of Integrated Information Theory suggests that what seems to be critical is that there is not only a complex flow of information, but an integration of the information from many different processes across the brain.

This integration is reflected in our experience. When I see a flower, I perceive its color, shape, movement integrated in a single whole.

However, this does not mean that the integrated information gives rise to conscious experience itself, only that the integrated information is responsible for the forms that appear in consciousness.

The hard problem

The hard problem of consciousness still remains. Why is there awareness in the first place? How do physical processes in the brain ever give rise to something as immaterial as consciousness? Why doesn’t all this activity just go on anyway, without our ever being aware of any of it?

This is a huge conundrum for contemporary science. It is easier to explain how we evolved from simple cells than it is to explain why we are aware.

A test of any scientific theory is how well it predicts the way things are. Yet there is nothing in our current scientific worldview that predicts that any arrangement of physical matter should ever result in an inner conscious experience.

The current materialist worldview is so deeply ingrained in our thinking that we seldom question it. Instead we keep looking for ways to try and explain consciousness in material terms.

Where do we draw the line

There’s a second major problem with this approach. If consciousness emerges from insentient matter, then at what stage in evolution did this happen? Where do we draw the line between creatures that are conscious and those that aren’t?

We imagine our pets are conscious beings. Why else would we give them an anesthetic to make them unconscious before an operation? We assume they would experience pain, much like we would.

We would probably feel the same about other mammals. What about other vertebrates? A bird? Or a fish? Their nervous systems are structured in similar ways.

Or an octopus? Or a spider? Or a worm? Where do we draw the line?

The problem is that wherever we draw the line, we find ourselves once more up against the hard problem. How is it that one side of the line physical matter does not produce an inner experience, whereas the other side it does?

No line

Our continued failure to explain just how consciousness arises from physical matter suggests that we may need to question some of the fundamental assumptions of the contemporary worldview.

It is assumed that matter itself is insentient—it is totally devoid of any experience. This assumption lies at the heart of the hard problem.

An alternative assumption—and one that is being explored by a growing number of scientists and philosophers—is that the capacity for experience is present, to some extent, in everything.

It doesn’t suddenly appear out of nowhere, as if by magic, once some particular arrangement of matter has emerged. Experience is there all the way down the evolutionary tree.

If so, then consciousness is not limited to creatures with nervous systems. Even a simple cell has a faint glimmer of awareness. Nothing like the rich experience we know. Nothing like a thought or a feeling. But not nothing at all.

From this perspective, there is nowhere we can draw a line between conscious and non-conscious entities.

Consciousness per se is not a product of evolution. The capacity for experience was always there. What has evolved are the forms that appear in consciousness.

Consciousness intrinsic to cosmos

If there is nowhere we can line, then there must be a trace of consciousness, however slight, in molecules, atoms, and even elementary particles.

That may sound strange. But it doesn’t mean that atoms and molecules experience the world like we do. There is probably no representation of the world at this level. For a representation to appear in awareness there needs to be some integrated processing of information. This probably does not appear until the level of cell, where the chemical systems that maintain the integrity of the living system lead to sufficiently complex information processing.

In this respect, the emergence of life and the emergence of experience are intimately connected. They are two aspects of the same unfolding.

But we can’t say there is absolutely no trace of consciousness at molecular or atomic scales. Otherwise we’d once again have to explain how experience could emerge from that which has no experience.

If there is nowhere we can draw a line and the capacity for awareness goes all the way down, then that capacity must be an intrinsic quality of the cosmos.

So there is one more thing we can say about the world out there. It is not only a highly differentiated field of information, the field has the potential to be aware.

Letting go of the physical

At first sight this might appear to lead to a dual aspect model of reality. There is an external physical aspect of everything, and there is a corresponding internal conscious aspect.

However, the more we try to discern the physical aspect, the more we find there is no “thing” there. Could this be pointing to the fact that there really is nothing there—that there is actually no physical aspect?

Such a suggestion challenges a major assumption of the current paradigm—that there is a real physical world. This assumption has been challenged for a hundred years now by the advent of quantum physics, but so far we have refused consider where it might lead.

It does, however, satisfy Occam’s Razor. The dual aspect model carries the assumption that there is a physical essence to the world, despite all the evidence pointing to the contrary. A monism of consciousness involves no such assumption. And so, by the razor, would be the preferred interpretation.

It also obviates any need to identify a relationship between the external physical aspect and the internal conscious aspect. There is no duality.

A knowing field knowing itself

The monistic interpretation says that the information field is aware. And that is all there is.

Sufficiently complex structures in the field respond to the information detected in the field around them, and from that create their own representation of a physical world. This then appears as a material form in their awareness.

This is happening at all levels—from the simplest forms of life to the most complex. Each has its own particular representation of the information that it detects. Each experiencing its own particular construction of a material world.

The entire cosmos is a vast field of knowing, knowing itself, and creating for itself the appearance of physicality.

Why matter is insentient

But if consciousness is everywhere, and the essential nature of everything, why don’t we see it that way? Why do material objects appear totally devoid of consciousness?

Looking for consciousness in the world is a bit like studying a movie, looking for the source of its light. Nowhere would we find it. The light is not in the movie. The movie is made of light.

All we know of the world is the picture of it appearing in consciousness. The picture could be said to be constructed from and in consciousness, but the picture does not itself include consciousness. Consequently there is no trace of consciousness in our experience of a material world.

This is why it is so easy to assume that the world out there is insentient—and why the hard problem arises. We imagine the world out there is like our picture of it, i.e. devoid of consciousness.

It would seem that the very opposite is true. The world of our experience—the only world we directly know—appears to us as material objects, with no trace of consciousness.

The thing-in-itself, which we never know directly, is not made of matter, but is aware.

Recognizing the fundamental role of consciousness turns reality inside out. The essential nature of the cosmos is mind not matter.


This is not a new idea. Several philosophers and mystics have come to the same conclusion. However, it has never been taken seriously by modern science. But what happens if we do?

First, as with most paradigm shifts, the findings of the current paradigm are included in the new.

Nothing that we have discovered in modern science changes. Mathematics works just the same. The laws of physics are still valid. All our discoveries in chemistry, biology, and other sciences hold true.

What changes is our assumption as to what the laws refer to. They are not laws of the unfolding of the physical world of space, time, and matter. They are the laws of the unfolding of
 a self-aware field.

Second, it may provide new insights into the perplexing problems in modern physics in which observation seems to play a critical role.

We are currently trying to understand these problems from a worldview that focuses on what is observed, but does not include the observer.

A worldview that includes consciousness as fundamental, rather than seeking to explain it away as a consequence of brain activity, may offer fascinating breakthroughs in these perplexing areas.

Third, a monism of consciousness has no problem with so-called paranormal phenomena. In a materialist worldview it is difficult, if not impossible, to account for telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis, precognition, and such. A worldview that sees everything as the play of consciousness, doesn’t preclude such phenomena.

And fourth, it might offer valuable insights into our own inner nature. Science and spirituality are often seen to be at loggerheads. This is largely because we erroneously assume them to be describing the same world. The essence of mysticism is the inner exploration of one’s own consciousness, a realm into which science has not ventured. Time and again we find that those inner explorers who have delved into the nature of experience itself are all pointing to the same conclusion. My innermost essence is the essence of everything. In the words of the Upanishads, “I am That.”

by Peter Russell at, 2014

Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Absolute

No mind, no form, I only exist;  
     Now ceased all will and thought;
The final end of Nature’s dance,   
     I am it whom I have sought.

A realm of Bliss bare, ultimate;
     Beyond both knower and known;
A rest immense I enjoy at last;
     I face the One alone.

I have crossed the secret ways of life,
     I have become the Goal.
The Truth immutable is revealed;
     I am the way, the God-Soul.

My spirit aware of all the heights,   
     I am mute in the core of the Sun.
I barter nothing with time and deeds;   
    My cosmic play is done.

Excerpt from ‘My Flute‘ by Sri Chinmoy, 1974

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Solutions that Maintain the Status Quo Are Not Solutions

The unencumbered realist concludes that there are no solutions within a status quo structure that is itself the problem.

Realists who question received wisdom and conclude the status quo is untenable are quickly labeled pessimists because the zeitgeist expects a solution is always at hand - preferably a technocratic one that requires zero sacrifice and doesn't upset the status quo apple cart.

Realists ask "what if" without selecting the "solution" first. The conventional approach is to select the "answer/solution" first and then design the question and cherry-pick the evidence to support the pre-selected "solution."

What if all the status quo "solutions" don't actually address the real problems? This line of inquiry is strictly verboten, for there must be a solution that solves everything in one fell swoop.

Examples of this approach abound: a one-size fits all solution that resolves all the systemic problems by itself. All we have to do is implement it.

Here's how real change works: it takes many years (or even decades) of sacrifices and high costs with none of the immediate payoff we now expect as a birthright. Real change pits those benefiting from the status quo against those finally grasp that the status quo is the problem, not the solution, and these political/social battles are endless and brutal because any gains come at somebody else's expense.

Fiat currencies contain the seeds of their own self-destruction, but establishing a gold or bitcoin standard creates its own problems. Trade imbalances are inherent in a world of scarcity and so exporters of essentials will end up with all the gold / bitcoin and the importers of essentials will end up with no gold or bitcoin, and no means to buy exports. Since the exporting economies are mercantilist by nature, they cannot import enough from their customers to balance trade asymmetries.

The other problem with the gold / bitcoin standard is there is nothing inherently decentralized, equitable or democratic about these standards. In other words, any standard based on wealth distributed by scarcity is inherently neofeudal, as the wealthy / powerful acquire asymmetric ownership of all forms of wealth and use this to buy political influence to maintain this asymmetry to their advantage.

Wealth and political power are two sides of the same coin, and so the majority of gold / bitcoin / quatloos / land always end up in the hands or control of the few.

This asymmetry then enables the few to influence political processes to defend their ownership / control and lower the costs of their dominance while increasing the costs / taxes paid by the peasantry.

The ownership/control of gold and bitcoin is already extremely asymmetric, and making either the sole form of "money" will greatly benefit the few who already own/control these assets. The few peasants who acquire a gold coin or slice of bitcoin will remain as powerless as the majority who own none.

This doesn't mean I don't see the value of precious metals or cryptocurrencies, it simply means I recognize that all forms of "money" distributed by scarcity or power are inherently asymmetric, which means the few always gain a consequential share of these assets, just as they acquire a consequential share of all other assets. Neither gold nor bitcoin are immune from this dynamic, which is inherent to all assets distributed by scarcity or power, be it existing wealth or political/financial power.

The Pareto Distribution is rather ruthless. The top 20% eventually end up with 80% of the assets even when everyone starts with the same stake (an historical rarity, to be sure).

The real problem is what happens within the top 20%. If centralized power holds sway (and defends its prerequisites), then the bottom 19.9% in the top 20% are slowly stripmined of wealth and power, leaving the vast majority of consequential wealth and political power in a tiny elite at the top.

There is nothing inherent in a gold or bitcoin standard that precludes this concentration / centralization of ownership. There are numerous historical examples of how this dynamic concentrates wealth and political power at the expense of social / economic stability. (Late-era Western Rome, to name but one of many.)

To be a real solution, "money" has to be inherently decentralized in distribution and ownership, inherently equitable (i.e. not distributed by power/scarcity) and inherently democratic, i.e. the way it is created precludes the concentration of wealth and power. I have proposed one such solution, a labor-backed currency, i.e. a currency that is originated and distributed solely in exchange for human labor.

Yes, it's pie-in-the-sky, blah-blah-blah, but let's not confuse "solutions" that maintain the status quo with real solutions. Real solutions upend the status quo, not just little pieces of the status quo but the entirety of the power structure of concentrated wealth and power.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss is not a solution, it's simply substituting another team at the top. Asymmetries guarantee that some will always be more equal than others.

True decentralization is hard because it requires a social revolution that renders the existing structure no longer acceptable. Financial or political tweaks aren't enough. Real change requires a complete transformation of values at the most profound level.

The same problem applies to all the techno-"solutions" of endless energy. All this endless energy will be owned / controlled by the few at the top of the highly centralized status quo, and this asymmetry guarantees that the few will benefit from the endless energy at the expense of the many politically powerless peasants.

The unencumbered realist concludes that there are no solutions within a status quo structure that is itself the problem. The "solutions" being offered substitute another neofeudal asymmetry for the existing neofeudal asymmetry.

We all want solutions, but let's not fool ourselves into believing that changing pieces of finance or politics will actually solve the big problems of centralization (i.e. inequality and corruption) and the fantasy of endless expansion on a finite planet via our "waste is growth" Landfill Economy. If a "solution" doesn't directly resolve those problems, it isn't a real solution.

The only real solutions require changing our own lives rather than engaging in fantasies that new asymmetries in centralized systems will transform a status quo doomed by asymmetries.

Realists are neither optimists or pessimists; they focus on increasing what they directly control by advancing their Self-Reliance.

by Charles Hugh Smith at on March 07, 2023

Friday, March 17, 2023

War Drums are Getting Louder

It used to be when somebody asked me where home was I would’ve said right here in my house, in the town I live in, on this planet, but what I found out is that couldn’t be further from the truth. Living here is only temporary.

Feeling at home comes from within and many of you have experienced this feeling of home, outside this veil, and there’s nothing like it.

When we look back through history the human race has pretty much been nomadic, searching for places to survive following the resources to provide for our families.

The human race has suffered at the hands of an off-world hierarchy and various quasi-leaders in an attempt to control us. This off-world hierarchy has influenced us to the point of telling us who we are, who we need to be and where we’re from etc., and we are now starting to question that information.

We are told that we are of a certain nationality, religion, culture, race, and we must adopt that as a form of our existence. Never questioning any of it! But, we are now beating the War Drums.

The fact that a small group of off-world influence can control and manipulate a global population has come to the forefront of many people around our planet and this has changed everything. This revelation of what’s been happening on this planet highlights the need for a global shift in the way we live our lives. Humanity is waking up!

The ones paying attention can clearly see the destructive ways of the politicians, giant corporations, big pharma, the indoctrination through the education system, enslavement through debt, and the spiritual debilitating deception perpetrated by the Church. These off-world rulers are losing control of their empire.

They manufacture false fears and use various kinds of manipulation tactics to gain approval and acceptance. A huge tool of the manipulation is the *main*stream*media.

We’ve only known the existence of living in a fear-based society and this is the shift we are clawing our way out of to a more peaceful, harmonious, and compassionate world. This all has to do with the change of frequency, a higher frequency of existence, a higher frequency of light.

The War Drums are sounding and getting louder by the minute. In our past humanity has just walked around waiting to be told what is next... like that’s our destiny; that isn’t the case anymore. We are aware now and we will no longer be told what direction to go by a small group of the unseen.

We have to remember those in power have created this system to protect their interests - not ours - and anyone that speaks out against this establishment is deemed anti-establishment and many times silenced, imprisoned, or killed.

They have written laws dictating what the common man should be, just as religion has its own rule book. It’s all mind control and we as a species are much smarter than that and many are figuring that out.

This group of off-world rulers would rather eliminate every single one of us and destroy this entire planet than to give it up. So many sleepers are completely oblivious to the incredible danger we are in and are clueless to what we really are fighting for. But, these off-world rulers are losing their Reptilian brain clarity... it’s being clouded.

We are here for a purpose and it’s not to serve others who look at us as cattle. We are here to love and respect each other and this planet and everything on it. So much of the population live in fear and are content to live like we always have in the past and that outcome only means one thing... that history will be repeated.

Those of you that are awake are shifting the consciousness of this planet and the more we speak, the more our consciousness expands, which means we’ll see the resistance kick and scream like hell... let em!

Love smothers fear and always will.

Behind the scenes and currently being played out on the world stage is the direction for humanity and the progression of this planet. Fear is surrendering to Love and it can’t be any other way due to these higher frequencies because vibrationally there is no other option.

by Teri Wade at her Facebook Page on 7 March 2023

Thursday, March 16, 2023

The New Reality of Light

In the coming days and weeks you are to see greater change on Earth. From politics, to economy, and even in the dark elite controlled media. Though they stand to fight to the last breath, refusing to admit defeat, knowing well they have lost, their goal is to still wreck havoc through manipulation with the little time and illusory power they have left, should humanity let its guard down. This is the final showdown if you will.

What you are seeing now are not signs of the end times. What you are seeing now are signs of a new world emerging. All that is falling apart and dissolving, is creating an opening for the new reality of light constructs to take its place.

The world as you know it now, is to be decomposed. All that was built on lies, with the manipulations of the dark’s puppets, is to be dissolved.

Wherever there is an imbalance of energies, there will be transformation occurring. This applies to family, work, educations and belief systems, financial and economical, and of course the political arena.

All the ways of life of the third dimensional existence are to shift into higher energetical versions of the said aspects. For some it will be a gradual transformation, for other areas it will be destruction, and rebuilding anew.

The honoring of all life on Earth, and Mother Earth herself, as a sentient being, is key to shifting in consciousness, and anchoring higher light into your being. This is an inner knowing.

It is within the blue print and innate of every Soul the truth and wisdom of life’s purpose, the purpose of existence itself is to grow and expand, to give life, not to take it, to create life, not to end it.

However, when a society is bombarded 24/7 via television, by unnatural and sadistic ideologies of a dark elite group who for thousands of years have been out to destroy human life, the opinions of those with a limited consciousness tends to change. Read this paragraph again.

This is why as a society you find yourselves in the current situation. The majority simply want everything spoon fed to them, and whatever it is, they will consume it, without realizing its shattering effects. This is how the dark’s ways become accepted as normal.

You have arrived at a point in time, where not only the dark’s ways are to be dissolved, but also the ways and beliefs of the ‘liberal’ and the ‘conservative’ are to go through a dramatic shift.

The brightest light shines from within. And it is in the Heart space that you must return, to strengthen the connection with that Higher Version of You, the Soul Self, and seek guidance, in order to have an easier transition during this process of upliftment.

For those who return to the Heart Center regularly, you can feel the changes unfolding, not only local, you know these changes are cosmic. You cannot perceive anything different in the world if you only rely on the five physical senses of the third dimension.

The new reality is within your DNA. As you work on raising your frequency, the more DNA unlocks, with expansion in consciousness, you will find yourself ‘becoming’ your Soul Self, the fifth dimensional version of you, in a fifth dimensional plane of existence.

The shift to the fifth dimension is not something that’s going to happen ‘sometime’ in the future. It is already happening now. You can see this mostly by observing yourself, your personal growth, and the changes you are making in your life.

The way of access to the fifth dimension is via your Heart Center. The location of the Light Matrix of the Soul. Sovereignty, discernment, deja vu, intuition, wisdom, gifts and talents, and merging with your Divine Blue print starts here, at the Heart Center.

The cycles of the old frequencies on Earth are coming to an end. As these old energies leave the world, room is created for higher light to anchor itself in the physical. You are to see many more events transpire just ahead, for it is time for the light and life to thrive on Earth in the way it was originally intended.

by Kejraj at on February 21, 2023

Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Arcturian Message to Humanity 20230312

This shared post by channeled teachers of Light is dedicated to the promotion of truth and Light at this powerful evolutionary time. Mankind has journeyed through lifetimes in which false concepts, beliefs, and fears were blindly accepted as the truth and in our ignorance, we gave away our power. The Arcturians, one group of many highly evolved beings from other galaxies, wish to present their messages of love and guidance in order to assist the people of Earth in letting go of the false fears that were given to and accepted by mankind. They stand ready to offer spiritual and technical assistance when and if desired. Free will does not allow them to step in unless asked. It is time to embrace the truth of who we are and why we are here. The answers are now pouring in from multiple Sources of Light. Events of great energy and change began manifesting in 2012 and will continue. It is crucial that mankind become informed and thus be prepared as changes occur. There is absolutely no reason to fear. This is a graduation.

We are the Arcturian Group – March 12, 2023 - from

Dear readers, welcome once again to our message, a message meant to offer hope, information, deeper spiritual awareness, and a fuller understanding of what you personally and the world in general may be experiencing at this time. These are troubling times throughout the world, but change and discord are inevitable as many commonly accepted beliefs begin to crumble in order to make room for a new world consciousness, one that serves all and not just a select few. Change is difficult because the ideas, concepts, and beliefs that created and continue to sustain ideas of separation continue to resonate as reality for many.

You were aware of what this particular lifetime on earth would involve (clearings, discords, change etc.) before incarnating but eagerly and lovingly chose to come in order to assist and be a part of the process. Upon arriving, growing up, being taught, and continually subjected to the three dimensional world you forgot who you really were and aligned with the three dimensional belief system. However, since an attained level of consciousness cannot regress, the state of consciousness you arrived with has never been lost, just forgotten for awhile.

The reason so many young people are presently struggling is that they are old souls unable to relate to a world that many of them evolved beyond in previous lives. They were anxious to play a part in the ascension process but once in dense earth energy forgot why they came. Many of them cannot relate to what the third dimensional belief system considers important and real. Because of their physical immaturity, they believe themselves to be odd, different, and weird, and that something must be wrong with them because what so much of what those around them consider important they often find to be silly, obsolete, useless, and unreal.

It is imperative to understand that everyone's consciousness, which in reality is the one Divine Consciousness individualized, automatically attracts and draws to itself whatever energy it vibrates in alignment with. Those who thrive on being a victim of some sort will simply continue to attract experiences of this sort until their state of consciousness evolves beyond whatever beliefs are manifesting. There is no God somewhere punishing and making people suffer. Every person is their own personal creator by virtue of being a full expression of the one Creator/God.

Long, long ago before materiality, some souls in their quest for experiences chose to experience being separate from God. The result was that they became lost and trapped in the illusions of separation creating a collective consciousness based in duality, separation and two powers, the density of these energies manifesting as material.

Most of you were not a part of this long ago experiment but as you observed these souls fall ever deeper into their own creations forgetting who they were, many of you chose to help free them and thus began a mission over many many lifetimes lived in third dimensional energy where you accumulated the energies that you are now clearing.

Know that all is proceeding according to plan. Earth is moving slowly but surely toward becoming her real self which is the expression of a perfect Divine Idea even though things do not presently look that way with all the clearings, shifting, and exposures coming to world awareness at this time.

Anxiety and fear are manifesting for many at this time. It is important not to claim them as personally yours and seek ways to treat, release, heal, or fix them. Anxiety and fear have always been a large part of the collective, but there is more receptivity at this time. If you experience anxiety and fear for no particular reason, don't align with it but rather simply and without resistance acknowledge it for what it is - thoughts, ideas, beliefs, concepts floating universally in the collective. Free will allows every person to accept the contents of the collective as being real and personally theirs or to see these things for what they really are and without giving them power, move on.

The only permanent and real qualities anyone can ever have are God qualities. When you feel anxiety, fear, or other negative emotions center yourself in truth, knowing that God alone is power, law, and reality, regardless of outer appearances. Take time often to go within, be still, and align with who you really are in the realization that God never has and never could express ITself as anything other than ITself and if fear and anxiety were facets of Divine Consciousness they would be forever permanent, held in place by Divine Law..

Love, the energy that connects and flows between all expressions of God is beginning to unfold more deeply across the world. Weather related events, war, and violence are serving to open the hearts of many who heretofore have lived happily and comfortably in a sense of separation. Those continuing to believe themselves to be better than others and therefore more entitled and deserving of the world's money, goods, respect, and honor etc., are going to discover that like it or not, all are connected.

Three dimensional experiences form a perfect evolutionary path for those living fully in three dimensional consciousness. As a person begins to open to truth and attains a higher level of awareness, difficult three dimensional experiences decrease because they are no longer creating them. In spite of appearances know that there are no accidents. Before incarnating, every person chooses with the help of their guides the experiences they believe necessary for their spiritual growth. Spiritual evolution is the underlying goal of all earthly experiences regardless of how they may appear because every person is knowingly or unknowingly working toward attaining a consciousness of reality and oneness with God.

Frequently difficult life lessons involve the energy of past life situations, habits, and beliefs that are still active and being carried from lifetime to lifetime. Energies need to be once again experienced, acknowledged, consciously risen above, and cleared. For example, a person being somehow persecuted in this life may very well have been the persecutor in one or more previous lives and must personally experience this energy in order to break the cycle.

Some of the African/American community, were slave owners in the past and chose to incarnate with black skin in this life in order to experience, learn, and help change societies prejudicial beliefs. Some women living in and suffering from oppressive male dominated societies were men who held these same beliefs in past lives. However, know that experiencing one's own past creations is not true in every situation. Many suffering today from prejudice, male dominance, and persecution did not need these experiences for personal growth but rather specifically and bravely chose those in order to bring change and enlightenment to others.

As a person evolves into a consciousness of oneness with Source, many ordinary beliefs, ideas, pleasures, needs, desires, and even problems of the three dimensional world begin to feel less real, less important, and less attractive because the person has shifted out of alignment with them. Many of you may be experiencing this now, a sense of detachment from what the world considers important and necessary. There is nothing wrong with you; you are simply graduating.

The outer world with all its physical, emotional, and mental pain looks, feels, and acts very real because you have had hundreds of lifetimes in which you became increasingly conditioned by experiences of duality and separation. The frequencies of a conditioned consciousness cannot align with the higher, lighter frequencies of truth now flowing to earth and into the collective. Anyone choosing to be a part of the "new earth" must be able to align with it.

There is no unexpressed consciousness. Divine Consciousness is, always has, and will forever continue to express ITself in and as infinite form and variety - ideas, creativity, life. This same one Divine Consciousness individualized is also expressing. What am I holding as reality in my Consciousness?

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

You Are the Solution

The outside world is a chaotic cauldron of mis-creation. It is vitally important for you to remember at all times, that you are not that! It is easy to perceive that we are involuntarily polluted by this burning off, this release of effluvia. You are not that, so do not allow the baby to be thrown out with the bath water! In each moment that you hold the chaos inside of you or mistakenly believe you are not separate from it, your internal world is polluted, but this is not necessary. It is so important to realize that you are the antidote to it. You have the power to command peace, to command natural order, to hold a space of balance in the midst of it. The more that you can do this, the more the storm will be calmed. You are the solution.

So “how do I do this?”, you ask? The answers are the basic tenants of the spiritual aspirant:

First, take command of your breath, all the while knowing that this breath of life is the body’s experience of the interconnectedness of all things, of the fuel for human existence, of the preciousness and the illusiveness of life. Without the breath, you are not embodied on Earth. Cherish it and nourish your body with it consciously.

Feel the magic of your body and its miraculous perfection; how it naturally thrives and serves as the most complex and untapped organic technology we know of on Earth. Tapping into the miracle of your own body draws the miracle of all life into your consciousness. When you are aware of your own extraordinary nature, all nature – no matter its form – can be revered. It lives in you.

Learn to witness the mind and separate the identity of yourself and your mind. You are not your thoughts…you are so much more. Expanded consciousness does not allow the squeakings of the machine to dictate its course. When you feel the disassociation of the mind from your being, you witness your experience from an objective stance that shifts your perspective to one without boundaries. This is a profound peek into the Divine Mind…and the more you experience it, the more you realize that you embody it! There is no separation.

When these things come alive inside of you consciously, you begin to realize your power. The power to take dominion over your own existence, your own body, your own mind, your own perception, your own energy, and then the real fun begins. A deep strength abides in you, for you know that you are here for just that purpose: embodiment. You are here to bring your light to the world however you are inspired to do so. You bring alive all of your physical senses and especially, your extra-sensory abilities, all completely natural and built-in to your sophisticated biocomputer. And you realize it is just the beginning of the utilization of your true abilities which can be used to help others and serve the evolution of our realm and beyond.

You also realize that you are never alone, nor could you be. You are deeply interconnected with all things and you have a tremendous sea of support and communion around you…all accessed by your consciousness. While the external attachments may draw way, what fills them is an association with much more expanded, more interdimensional associations that have no limitation. You also begin to realize that you hold within all that you ever sought outside of you. You are what you were always looking for “out there”.

A strength builds. A clarity arrives. The connection deepens. Peace permeates. Your heart leads. Magic unfolds. Synchronicities are natural. Miracles abound. The old dissolves and the new flows in. Learning is constant. Things lighten up. Love abides. Truth reigns. Your mind gets blown. Your internal eye can see farther. You disi-dentify with the body but become more present in it. Paradoxes abound. Dualities make sense. Black and white merge. You hear beyond sound. You sense what is real. You know you are not separate from any of it. You feel to create. You know what to do because you are connected to Divine Mind. You effortlessly act on what you know to be right and true and good. You have boundless energy because you always know that you are connected to Eternal Source. You receive continual positive, expansive upgrades to your operating system. You care about everything and yet are detached. You trust in the unknown. You are already in paradise…you contributed to creating it by becoming it. This is how you are the solution to creating the new world. One breath at a time.

Does any of this make sense? Yes and no. But we do promise that all questions contain the answer.

Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will open. Ask and you shall receive.

We are The Council of Light Within.

channeled by Rebecca Couch at on February 28, 2023

Monday, March 13, 2023

Peace Be With You

There are those of us that have come from other worlds to embody the first waves of the angelic human diamond sun ascension, as prototypes for the entire planetary consciousness. We have incarnated into this world to embody our Cosmic Mother and our Cosmic Father's organic consciousness from the Cosmic energy matrix, in service to the divine mission of restoring the Triple Solar Christ architecture of the God Sovereign Free multidimensional solar consciousness being. All of us may experience a different form of this specific mission in our personal consciousness templating that spans particular dimensional layers. Some of us may be witnessing this bifurcation event as it occurs within the planetary sphere through our own means and methods that are personal and meaningful to us. While others are having an extremely difficult and challenging physical integration period attempting to make sense of all that is happening, in terms of the polarity integration occurring within the amplified extremes of the outer reality.

This is a part of what we actually incarnated on this planet in this timeline to achieve; the restoration of the Universal Blue Sapphire Sun through Indigo consciousness that is helping to bring in the Universal Melchizedek logos body back into spiritual wholeness, through the triple solar divine masculine and triple solar divine feminine. If this Blue Ray rehabilitation is our mission, this will take us through the histories of the Fallen Melchizedeks in our Universal Time Matrix. Further, this will take us through the histories of the Eieyani and Essene Massacres, the hunting down of our original blue flame Melchizedek lineages and all of the angelic human holocaust histories that extend into several of the cataclysms that happened on the Earth.

Through this larger context, connecting the dots to these historical events which we may be viewing, experiencing or noticing as patterns that we are undergoing at this particular time. Noting that these cataclysms on planet earth were genocidal attempts to eradicate, cull and kill the bodies of Diamond Sun individuals that were holding any part of the Melchizedek Logos mind or Krystic architecture. Whether it's the Essene tribes or Cathar group, whether it's that particular teaching or belief systems that were being taught or kept as the ancient wisdom keepers, many of these people became the future tribes and groups of the Essenes that were attempting to pass on this wisdom to their tribes, to their offspring, to all those that were holding ascending hubs on planet to defend it from the intruder invasion, thousands and thousands of years ago. Noting that these historical events of disasters and cataclysms are prevalent in our consciousness at this particular time as we experience a replay of these timelines through the constant mainstream threats of inciting nuclear World War. Remembering the parallels to what we are living through in these end times of aggressive spiritual attack against the angelic human Diamond Sun template, with the attempted destruction of the organic genetics of our angelic human being through the same agendas promoted by the power elite maniacs that are controlled by the anti-Christ forces.

There is clear and present evidence where we can see that this genocidal agenda is in play right now, while the majority of the global population is unaware that this targeted bio-weapon is designed to damage the original genetic and spiritual records of angelic humanity throughout time. Now during the consciousness war, we are at an intersection that converges into all of the astrological ages, from all of these combined histories, from all of these cataclysms, including the Eieyani Massacre. And earlier, when the Maji Grail Celtic lines from Hyperborea were hunted down during the ice age, when they attempted to create ice ages in order to freeze people out, to drive them underground or out of hiding to be eradicated from the planet. The cataclysms were being orchestrated via alien technology and designed to damage and destroy the planetary grid system of the Albion. The Albion network is in the United Kingdom and controls all of the layers of the planetary logos, the galactic logos, and the Melchizedek or universal logos.

What I am describing ultimately is a bigger picture of where we are in the ascension timeline, in Guardian host grid working projects, in working with the layers of planetary mind, up to universal mind. Because this is required for the return and the reseating of what we refer to in ES as Guardian Cosmic Triple Solar Christos Consciousness, represented in King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

The Arthurian consciousness is representing the triple solar masculine in its totality; through the planetary logos, through galactic logos, and through the universal logos. That Arthurian mind, the logos mind is the manifestation of King Arthur in this end time cycle, this time of planetary ascension in the manifested world. The Arthurian consciousness is the Triple Solar Christos masculine, the benevolent King, the Maji Grail King embodying his entirety of triple solar masculine aspects through all of the layers of the Universal Logos.

This is a level of the complexity of the original creator’s architecture being reconnected, rebuilt and rehabilitated in the Albion, in order to seat the Arthurian divine masculine consciousness. So that you understand what this actually represents, it's not an identity of one human being who is King Arthur. This is a challenge in the New Age and spiritual communities where people take on a false identity, believing they are the personification of that unique identity as an individual, where this is false. We are coexisting and living within states of consciousness that function as gestalts. When we speak of Christ as a title, it includes the Christos gestalt of collective consciousness which extends into Arthurian consciousness, as King Arthur consciousness is the same as the return of Christ to this world. It is the unification of the triple layers of the logos in its solar form made manifest as a Christ, with the title of a Maji Grail King that is referred to as Arthur. This is a part of the holographic geography embedded in our planet's Albion network, and when you understand consciousness as spiritual energy, then you will understand that spirit requires a matter vehicle, a personal house or structure in which to manifest itself in time.

Many times, I express this to the group as; know how to build the house for Christ within you. Christ cannot make a home within our consciousness body until we intend to build a house for the Christ. What has happened with the consciousness enslavement and control is that the dark ones, the enslavers, who are under the mind control of the alien contingent and the Negative Alien Agendas themselves, intentionally create this confusion so that the collective consciousness of humanity is building anti-Christ structures for shadows and demons to thrive in this realm. Satan's Satanic forces, and Luciferian forces, those that are anti-God require an antichrist dwelling in which to thrive in our world. We can see how successful they have been in that endeavor, but understanding this can be applied in both situations; this is an aspect of the mechanics of creation. We can choose to serve God or we can choose to serve anti-God, which is anti-Christ and anti-human. And that choice is up to us. As we choose to serve God, this also means we choose the Law of Structure and the natural laws of God, which serve the cosmic sovereign law. Which means we want to cultivate our personal autonomy and self-sovereignty, in alignment to our highest expression as God wills through us. Because as God wills through our heart, this will take us on the path of becoming the unique divine puzzle piece that serves not only the reclamation of Christ, the Paliadorian Covenant, and the return of Emerald Order to reinstate the Emerald Covenant, but aligns with the restoration of cosmic order that restores the mechanics of ascension to all human beings.

So, remembering that as we seek to build the structure within our body that houses the Christ, we come up against the contrast of opposing forces. The challenge of the bifurcation and the unpleasant behaviors around us, is that we may be witnessing and sensing anti-Christ or anti-God that is within others, that have unknowingly or unwillingly co-created with anti-Christ forces through the negative ego behaviors.  These create separation, division, divide and conquer tactics, suspicion, victim-victimizer, all of these terms which are explored and described in ES material. This forms the foundational basic material which is suggested by Guardian host to understand, so we can clear these behaviors from controlling our minds. As we address these issues inside of ourselves and become self-aware of our influence in the world related to the negative ego behaviors, we make more conscious choices about that which we propagate or allow to be expressed through our vessel.

This is not the same as talking about unpleasant dark issues that are truthful and happening around us. Remember that truth in all of its forms is an aspect of the Eternal Light of God. God is truth. Lies are propagated, deceptions are propagated, trickery is propagated by anti-God, anti-Christ and the dark forces that serve it. Now unwittingly, sometimes when we are asleep or we're unconscious, we lack self-awareness in what energies we are choosing to express in the world. Thus, we can unwittingly allow ourselves to succumb to be an expression of an anti-Christ force. This is usually described in ES through the Archontic deception strategies or Archontic deception behaviors, which are propagated through the unbridled, unrestrained use of the negative ego behaviors and emotional woundedness.

So, this will be a year my beloved friends for all of us in this community, where we will have the contrast of seeing the self-refinement of co-creating our own definition of our authentic selves in contrast to the belief systems that are being propagated around us. We will be pushed within, through the natural progression of our lives to feel, to define, and to deeply comprehend what belief systems we have, and discover what is truth for us; what is acceptable in our world, and what is not acceptable in our world.

And these truths would be your personal inner truths. What is meaningful to you? What do you care about? What resonates in your heart as personal integrity, something that you are deeply connected to and feels meaningful to you? Only you, the individual can define that for yourself. How do you respond when you come up against the contrast of, let's say, lower frequencies that are unstable and chaotic, that are being perpetuated in a descending hub, or in individuals that are deeply asleep? For the many that do not realize that they are perpetuating human enslavement or anti-Christ types of ideologies, we still have unconditional love, compassion, and empathy for all the people that are undergoing the mind control atrocities which we are all being assaulted with at a daily level, minute by minute. The world we are living in is a weaponized mind control world of vast lies and complex deceptions, of cheating and division, and a glamorization of some of the worst vices of negative ego and addiction.  Beliefs, behaviors and choices which descend a person into extreme unhappiness and disconnection from their spirit, and disconnection from their relationship with God.

Now again, as we see this, we hold that unique level of unity with the divinity, while we recognize we are not in unity with anti-God ideologies, we seek truth and all that is in our own personal resonances. At the same time, we have an open mind to accept others with different perspectives, even when it's contrasting our own personal integrity of truth, of what may be what I would call a deal breaker. Something that is a deal breaker is that which crosses boundaries that are unacceptable to our moral compass.

This is something that many of us are going to be dealing with in this year, where we will need to make a decision based on personal boundaries and direction. We will need to make an assessment of the self in order to discern what is the truth for us uniquely and individually. Now again, I am a guidance tool, I am not here to overlay, superimpose, control or manipulate anyone. This personal choice is the responsibility of each individual. But through the vast experience which I do have in the fields, what I share with you when we are subscribing or talking about the differences of opposing ideologies or opposing belief systems, is to point out those anti-God belief systems that are genuinely harmful to the consciousness of a human being.

I have a wide berth, and we hold a wide berth of unity and diversity within the community, but when there is a line that creates harm, I know it as a truth inside of myself, not as a moral judgment of that person, not as a way to wield moral superiority or to say that I am right. Or that I need to be right and this is how it is, this has nothing to do with the analysis and the comprehension of seeing different shades and frequencies of other people’s version of truth, some of which resonate in alignment to God and support the human spirit, and some which is not in alignment and opposes God. The frequencies of lies, of trickery, of victim/victimizer, of separation through negative ego, superiority or ego inferiority, all of that is the byproduct of the anti-Christ.

Understanding that as we develop more experience on the spiritual path, and as we develop wisdom, our goal should be discernment of these energies, not as a judgment tool but as a discernment tool. We must be able to see falsity, fallacy and fakery, and what is fake light. When is somebody making stuff up out of their imaginings, because they think they are an incredible energy worker, and they believe their lower ego self or imagination has developed clairaudience and clairvoyance. They think they're seeing things that are true, but what if it's not true? What if you think your invisible guidance was truthful but it’s actually shadow forces perpetrating lies and trickery, because you think what you're seeing in the energy field is true, when it's actually falsity? That is the essence of the antichrist weaponry used to confuse and divide people in the spiritual community, to use false holograms of red cube structures which appear as one thing, but are actually artificial holograms designed to manipulate the minds of unaware people who believe they are more skilled and competent than they actually are. The wounded ego tends to glamourize itself, and it loves to create imagined enemies in others so it can act like the hero-savior.

The AI red cube is an issue, unfortunately we're dealing with this heavily in all spiritual communities at this particular point, whether it's New Age people that are in other spiritual groups, or studying under assorted masters or teachers, there is a danger. There is a higher risk of red cube cloned structures that are being misunderstood and mistaken by the egoic mind, where it may be perceived as an accurate assessment of reality in a person that has done little to none of the inner shadow or negative ego clearing work. And even when people have done some negative ego clearing work, they may say, "Well, gee, I've already done that. So now I'm so spiritually advanced, I'm going to go on to something else." This is a very dangerous mindset, because awakening people are enduring the most aggressive warfare against anything that is connected to awakening, spiritual ascension, consciousness development, human freedom, accessing truth, speaking the truth, living the truth, as all of these things are becoming confused and weaponized by tyrannical controllers.

In the outer world people are losing their compass, they cannot figure out what is harmful to them and what is positive for them. And this is very, very challenging as we're in the chaotic structure of this pinnacle of spiritual warfare. Now, this is what it is. And sadly, unfortunately, these are the challenges which we are sharing uniquely together. I intend, and it is my prayer and hope, that each of you that are having an extremely challenging time navigating this confusion, this maze and a hotbed of lies, deceptions and trickeries, that the community is a guiding light towards the true North position. For I will always, in the very best way that I can, guide you towards finding God, towards your unique developed relationship with yourself internally, through your heart compass that connects you with the feeling mechanism that is the Spirit of God.

God does not come to our mind, into our intellect. God, the feeling of God comes through the cognitive direct knowing of the body's heart brain. This is not the ego, this is not the intellect and this is why it's very difficult. Until you experience that shift and change to evolve into the heart brain, sometimes the mind will go off on these imaginary journeys and you may think that you are doing grid work or addressing certain structures in the field. When in actuality, the intellect has become trapped in an extensive red cube hologram system, which is designed to create a divide-and-conquer between yourself and the other group that is working on that project. Remember, the playbook of the Negative Aliens is very similar to satanic ritual abuse mechanisms of doing everything they can to keep us suspicious of each other, separated from each other. Focusing on things that are unimportant and wasting our energy, as we are being derailed to pay attention to minutia and stupidity, dramas and personality conflicts. We're not looking at the source of the problems, we're pointing fingers at our brothers and sisters around us who are just as manipulated and enslaved as we are, by the tyrannical forces seen and unseen. I must say, I beg the spiritual communities to stop this. Even if a person is being used in an oppressive event of dark control, for whatever their reasons may be, the issue is understanding and taking into consideration that that person or group is unknowingly being used as a pawn in the anti-Christ warfare against all of the awakening people. We must stop making good hearted but confused humans into our enemy, and understand that we are at war with antihuman forces. When we understand this, we can choose to help humanity and bring the truth out, to disclose that our planet is under siege by antihuman forces seeking to destroy us all.

When we see that, when we know that we can have compassion for them and for ourselves equally, we allow everyone to make their own judgments in terms of what is best for them as a personal resonance. We support each unique individual in finding their direct resonances and being of service in the ways that they feel they were designed to be. The only way we learn is through living through the direct experiences of Gnostic truth. I point to the moral character guidelines to help others know that spreading information you have no direct knowledge of and poisoning minds against others in the spiritual community is the behavior of an immature and incompetent individual. As a person of integrity that is concerned with truth, we must ask if the slanderous information is true or not. There are red flags raised when an online influencer posing as a spiritual guide bashes others they do not know, and hence that person reveals themselves to be immoral and unethical.

The point that I am sharing with this is to understand that you can still love, care for and extend your compassion to people that have and hold opposing viewpoints and perspectives, and allow them to be the person that they need to be in the moment, while drawing a line and saying "this is not acceptable in my reality." In my personal life, or in my case in the stewardship of community, there are behaviors that are not acceptable because they easily generate harmful conditions, and therefore a choice has to be made. I cannot allow unaware people that perpetuate harm to another as an acceptable behavior, and especially when they are not willing to be responsible for their actions in the community. The community must understand the risks that are involved with harming others when engaged in negative ego behavior, and that my role as a steward is to make sure that the environment as safe as it can be, given all of the challenges which we are facing.

So, this is an example of experiencing confrontations in regards to belief systems. What is meaningful to you? What do you care about? What is true to you? What is true for you? Go into your heart and ask the question, and have the courage to listen truthfully and honestly to that feedback. If you ask yourself, when I'm out in the energy session world and I'm working the grid, am I being infected or manipulated by red cube or with shadow imposters pretending to be angelic guidance teams? This takes courage. It takes courage to find the areas in your consciousness and in your mind and in your belief system where you have been manipulated, where you have been unknowingly propagating something that is unhealthy or harmful, without knowledge of being used this way by outer forces.

This is the time during this year, where we will be facing our personal beliefs in contrast with others’ beliefs at deeper levels, because we have to define what is true for us and where our boundaries exist. That can be difficult, because every unique individual has to have their unique experience of gnosis in order to learn. We cannot interfere with people's learning processes, I can only guide you to God and be the true North to show you the path and the way, to limit the harm that you are exposed to. To know the path forward in developing your direct relationship to God is without intermediary, without identities getting in the way, without calling on masters or such, until you are again extremely certain of who and what you are talking to.

Because we live in a time of psychological warfare, information warfare, in which the only compass we have is our pure and loving heart. We are blind in a sand storm of absolute chaos, as the alien machinery is being dismantled. Our mind is not going to take us there. Our intellectual prowess is not going to take us there. It is the pure love and compassion inside of our crystal heart in which we love ourselves, and we unconditionally love others, yet we do not allow them to lower our moral standards by setting appropriate boundaries. We do as much as we can to not create more harm in the world. And again, that's difficult because we're living in the death culture, so you can't be too hard on yourself, but we do our best to be harmless to others and let them be who they are as long as they are not physically hurting another.

And with that being said, may we hold a moment of loving intentions, compassionate intentions, empathic intentions, to recognize our brothers and sisters in the spiritual community, to strengthen our unity with shared divinity, with a shared purpose of meaning that calls us to serve our highest expression in God and Christ. May we share this love with ourselves, and may we share this love with others.

Imagine in your mind that we're all holding hands in a circle together on this path of great challenge and spiritual warfare.

Stating to ourselves and stating to others, "Love and peace be with you, my friend. Peace and love be with you, my friend. Peace and love be with you, my friend."

Because ultimately, we are all ascension soul friends on this challenging path together, learning our lessons, experiencing our gnosis. Coming up against incredible tsunamis of anti-Christ consciousness in a world of chaos and death culture, living through this incredible experience of observing the return of the Founders, the Cosmic Christos to this planet. It's not our intellect that does this great spiritual work. It is the authentic beingness, the holiness of our inner divinity that is the gift and the treasure that God has given to us. Nourish the inner flame, the inner Emerald Crystal and your sacred heart that God has gifted to you.

May we hold this space for all of our beloved brothers and sisters in the spiritual community to find comfort, peace, spiritual protection, connection, and meaningful relationships in what we share together. We have each other, we have some coherent humanitarians that are kind, that are dedicated to spiritual development, sharing our personal spaces within the community. May we connect to that divinity and to those common threads and bonds that unite us as human beings, angelic human beings, awakening and remembering who we really are at this incredibly important time of planetary bifurcation and ascension.

We bless the community and the highest expression of our Cosmic Mother and Cosmic Father. May each of you find your direct resonance which allows you to fulfill your highest expression and purpose, as God would have it be, allowing yourself to explore and discover the inner contents of your heart. Knowing that Love is all. God is love. And Love is the path forward. May we heal our hearts, may we preserve our hearts, so that we create the peaceful oasis for ourselves inside our inner sanctum and Sacred Heart when we are exposed to the forces of chaos during this intense planetary shift.

May we hold in our heart a loving prayer for all those in our spiritual community to become joined together through true perfect peace and unconditional love. May each unique person in our community know of the brotherhood, sisterhood, and friendship that is present through our intentions, through our thoughts, through our emotions and through our behaviors. May we all intend to increase our goodness, our godness, our purity through our loving heart. Please extend your love to your brothers and sisters in this community and place blessings upon them, wishing them peace, love, happiness and abundance in every way that grows their spirit and their unique relationship with God.

Thank You, God. Thank You, God. Thank You God.

From the Eternal Light of God that I am, from the Eternal Love of God that I am, from the Eternal Power of God that I am, and from the sacred Crystal Heart of God that I am, I open my mind, body and spirit to receive goodness. I release any and all burdens, thoughts and memories of a painful past or future. By the power of my relationship in oneness with God, coupled with my purposeful, fearless actions and deep rapport with the mind, heart and body of God, my future is created in perfect alignment, as God would have it be. I ask and I accept that I am lifted, I am enlightened, I am realized, and I am ascended in this and every moment into the higher truth as God wills it to be.

My egoic mind is quiet, still and listening to the heart vibrations of the pure love and eternal flame that exists within. From this day forward I give freely. From this day forward, I give fearlessly. From this day forward, in my generosity, I grant loving kindness and forgiveness to all. Through the circuit of life, life gives back and returns to me with magnificent increase as blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. God provides for me in wondrous ways. I am indeed grateful. I let it be so. And I wish the same for all of my brothers and sisters, and for the goodness of all. Thank you, God. Thank you, God. Thank you, God.

Beloveds, we seal our gathering and session and the highest expression of the Eternal Love of God, and the power of unity and truth. We allow the truth vibration and resonance to be revealed to us within mind, heart and body. We accept only that which is in true resonance with our heart and we discard all the rest. As we seal our session into the highest light, Beloveds, our infinite stream of love is with you. May you be supported, comforted and in peace, knowing the love of God is with you, knowing the love of God is with us, and knowing the love of God is present in our community. And so it is, beloveds.

by Lisa Renee at on January 25, 2023

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